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Welcome to the PaDLab!  Our name stands for the Prejudice and Development Laboratory.  We are dedicated to understanding the developmental consequences of prejudice and prejudice awareness.  We focus on adolescence (ages 10-17) and emerging adulthood (ages 18-25).  These are important times in deciding where one fits into society, and perceptions that this society is discriminatory against one’s own or other social groups is likely to shape a number of outcomes in important ways.

Some of our research questions include:

  • How can we reduce ethnic and racial prejudice?
  • Do young people think society is discriminatory in terms of gender, body shape, age, sexual orientation, and other domains?
  • How do adolescents’ perceptions of ethnic and racial prejudice influence their occupational goals and expectations?
  • Does prejudice awareness influence adolescents’ social experiences?
  • Can parents and educators promote positive developmental outcomes despite adolescents’ perceptions of ethnic and racial discrimination?